Goal Management TrainingTM (GMT) uses psychoeducation, task practice, narrative, between-session assignments, and incorporation of clients' real-life situations to improve attention and focused performance of everyday tasks.

GMT principles are derived from clinical and neuroscientific research concerning attention and keeping goals in mind, but they are formulated as a series of practical instructions.  These principles are focused on raising awareness towards impaired executive functions, learning how to periodically STOP to evaluate task performance and make adjustments, and how to deal with unwieldy or complex tasks and decisions.

The main objectives of GMT are to train individuals to 
periodically STOP what they are doing:

Attend to
task goals


evaluate their performance


monitor or check outcomes as they proceed

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Helping Survivors of Covert Stroke and White Matter Disease

Drs. Sandra Black and Brian Levine describe how GMT helps people with white matter disease or covert stroke to improve decision making and planning skills.
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An in-depth look at GMT

Learn how GMT works and hear from participants to took the GMT program and how it's improving their daily lives.