Everything you need to know to become an active GMT Therapist

Here you will learn how to become a GMT Therapist, including the learning process, certification, and access to the tools you will need to deliver GMT to your clients.

You will also learn about the benefits of joining our growing GMT community and will get access to tips and tricks from our experienced team and practicing therapists.

GMT certification includes instruction on how to use GMT, but does not provide general clinical training for psychotherapeutic or rehabilitation interventions.

GMT therapists must be licensed healthcare providers in their jurisdiction.

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1. Online learning 
of GMT

Goal Management Training™ (GMT) is a cognitive rehabilitation program grounded in neuroscientific principles, designed to help individuals with impairments in executive functioning improve their organization and ability to achieve goals.

This course includes the scientific basis of GMT as well as practical instructions on GMT delivery.  

Course content is presented through a unique hybrid learning experience, including an interactive eLearning course with a live 90 minute interactive session.

Continuing education credits are provided.
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2. Get access to the GMT delivery tools you need

GMT requires purchase of physical kits or the GMT Digital Tools. 

The Digital Tools include everything you need to deliver GMT to your clients, including the entire contents of the physical kits and access to our new Interactive Tasks Platform and therapist dashboard that allows you to assign and check online activities to your clients.

Physical printed kits and workbooks are available for purchase on our eStore. Therapists who use the Digital Tools and want to use physical materials adjunctively may purchase them at a discount. 

Purchase of the Digital Tools or the physical kits includes acces
s to the GMT Therapist Community  (see below).  
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3. Become a part of the GMT Therapist Community

The GMT community provides a forum for interacting with other therapists and GMT experts, ongoing access to learning, discounts, and the option to be listed on our website as a certified GMT Therapist. 

Access to the community is included with the purchase or renewal of the Digital Tools or physical kits.

Available packages

Please note all prices are listed in $CAD.

Learner (Therapist)
$200 ($150 with purchase of Digital Tools or physical kit)

  • Access to therapist eLearning for one year
  • Live interactive session for therapists with GMT experts

$449 (Annual)

  • Access to the new Interactive Tasks Platform
  • Access to online Digital Tools (full contents of GMT kits in electronic format)
  • 50% discount on physical GMT materials

Physical kits

  • Therapist manual, slides, audio files, interactive task materials, and 10 workbooks
  • Additional workbooks can be purchased in packs of 10 ($370) or 20 ($700)
  • Therapists who subscribe to Digital Tools may purchase kits and workbooks for 50% off.

$50 (Annual)

  • Ongoing access to community, eLearning resources, and announcements
  • Discounts on GMT products
  • Listing as a GMT Therapist (licensed health care providers only, provided Digital Tools or physical kits purchased)
  • Automatically included with purchase of Digital Tools (annual), physical kits, or workbook pack

All prices are exclucisive of taxes and shipping.
For institutional purchases, please contact us for pricing.

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