Deliver GMT

Goal Management Training™ (GMT) is an interactive program designed to improve the organization of goals and the ability to achieve them for people experiencing executive function impairment. 

GMT is structured into nine modules, with interactive discussions designed to raise awareness of various aspects of goal management, tasks that illustrate goal management concepts in action, and homework assignments designed to facilitate the transfer of concepts to real life.

We offer an eLearning course for qualified therapists interested in delivering GMT -
See "Learn GMT."

If you have already completed our GMT training use one of the options below to get all the required tools to deliver GMT to your clients.

GMT Toolkit

Physical materials for 10 clients 

The GMT Toolkit includes a therapist manual, slides for delivery of sessions, participant workbooks, audio files and questionnaires. Additional client workbooks are also available for purchase.

Digital GMT Tools

Online access for therapists and clients

The Digital Tools includes the electronic versions of the kits contents, a platform for delivering digital versions of the GMT interactive tasks for use on a desktop and the GMT Foundations for flexible delivery of GMT when the standard 9-session format cannot be accommodated.
Only qualified therapists who have completed the training (now or in a previously
held live workshop) can purchase kits/digital tools to deliver GMT.