Payment Terms

In these Payment Terms, “you” or the “Account Holder” is the person paying for the “GMT – Learner” plan, the “GMT – Operator” plan and/or the “GMT – Digital Tools” plan (each, a “GMT Plan”).

GMT-Learner: $200 for a one year subscription
*GMT Operator: $50/year
*GMT Digital Tools: $449/year
*For all 3 GMT Plans: $599/year

*Auto renewal applies, subject to terms below

Please contact if you are interested in enterprise pricing.

Payment is due in full, upfront.

Unless the Account Holder cancels prior to the renewal date (with reminders sent at the one week and 24-hour mark), the applicable GMT Plan will automatically renew every year at the current market price.

Billing for a GMT Plan recurs every year until the GMT Plan is cancelled. All payment information provided by the Account Holder must be accurate, including the Account Holder’s credit card number and expiration date, and any other payment information. The Account Holder is responsible for keeping the Account Holder’s payment information up-to-date and must promptly notify Baycrest if the Account Holder’s payment method is cancelled or changed.

Changes to Fees. You agree that Baycrest may change the renewal fees on sixty (60) days’ notice to the email address you have provided.

Billing Inquiries. If Account Holder believes that he/she has been billed in error for a GMT Plan, please notify us within sixty (60) days of the billing date by contacting


Cancellation by Account Holder

If the Account Holder cancels a GMT Plan within ten (10) days of paying for a GMT Plan (initial registration or renewal), the Account Holder will receive a refund.

Cancellation by Baycrest. Baycrest may immediately terminate or suspend a GMT Plan without notice or refund, in its sole discretion, if:

  • The Account Holder violates the GMT Terms of Use or the GMT Privacy Policy; or
  • The Account Holder engages in conduct that is threatening, abusive or harassing to Baycrest employees, agents or other GMT users.