GMT Packages 

GMT Certification 
(This is required for all GMT therapists who have not previously attended a workshop)
Learner+Operator bundle: $200

GMT - Toolkits
$550 (with bundle)

*Please note* The regular price is $600 without the bundle. 
  • Includes materials for 10 clients
  • Additional workbooks for $40 each (or as low as $35 if purchased in bulk) 
  • Introduction to our digital tools
  • Access to our learning community

GMT - Operator
$50 per year (free for first year)

After completing your training, become an official GMT operator
  • Continued access to the therapist community
  • Authorized GMT operators are listed on our site and can be searched by potential clients
  • Access to updates
  • Discounts for buying workbooks and kits
  • Support from the gmt program team

GMT - Digital tools
$449 per year

GMT operators can subscribe to our new digital tools including:
  • interactive task platform
  • ability to create up 100+ unique patient accounts
  • Digital therapist manual in english & french
  • digital patient workbooks in english & french
  • audio files
  • Video files