GMT Digital Tools

Annual subscription for qualified GMT Therapists

The Digital Tools package includes everything needed to deliver GMT, including electronic versions of the materials in the physical kits, plus:

  • A new online platform for delivering digital versions of the GMT interactive tasks for clients’ use on a desktop
  • The GMT Foundations for flexible delivery of GMT when the standard 9-session format cannot be accommodated

Therapists who subscribe to the Digital GMT Tools are automatically registered to the GMT community.

See below for details

What is included in the GMT Digital Tools? 

The new Digital Interactive Tasks Platform for assignment of digital versions of the physical GMT interactive tasks for use by your clients on a laptop computer (English only)
  • ** NEW ** Supplementary Complex Tasks
  • 4 Clapping (Fruit) Tasks
  • 4 Card Sorting Tasks  
  • 3 Complex Tasks
  • 3 Bookkeeping Tasks
  • A reaction time task for calibrating speed of stimuli presentation
  • A detailed interactive e-Learning module explaining how each task is used in the context of GMT delivery.

  • Therapist dashboard

Note: Your clients' data are fully anonymized and protected.

Exclusive Access to the new GMT Foundations material for flexible delivery of GMT content outside of the traditional 9-sessions structure (English and French)

  • GMT Foundations therapist manual
  • GMT Foundations slides
  • GMT Foundations workbook

The components of the GMT kits in digital format (in English and French)
The following files are available to view online on your browser 

  • The GMT therapist manual
  • The GMT slides for use when delivering GMT (+downloadable files)
  • GMT client workbook for you and your clients

The following files are available for viewing, downloading and distributing to your clients
  • Fillable forms for GMT activities and worksheets for your clients to download, fill in electronically, and return to you (via email) as they complete GMT modules
  • Audio files of GMT body scan and breathing exercises to download and share with your clients
  • Materials for the bookkeeping tasks to download, print, and share with your clients 
  • GMT client/significant-other questionnaires to download and print

The use of the Goal Management Training™ (GMT) intervention requires purchase of the GMT kits and/or digital tools and completion of the GMT Therapist Training.