Supported by Baycrest, Goal Management Training™ is a cognitive rehabilitation training program to improve executive functioning, attention, and goal attainment.
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Resources & Treatments

Access information and tools for therapists to learn and administer GMT.

Forum Discussion

Therapists can ask questions to the GMT team and discuss their experiences learning and delivering Goal Management Training™.

Digital GMT Tools

Access the new digital Interactive Tasks Platform, digital versions of the GMT manual, workbooks, fillable sheets and more.
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Long-COVID Expert Endorses GMT for Cognitive Rehabilitation

Neuropsychologist Dr. Jim Jackson of Vanderbilt University, author of "Clearing the Fog: From Surviving to Thriving with Long COVID -- A Practical Guide" notes in an interview on National Public Radio that GMT is "the  treatment with the best evidence for problems with attention and executive functioning" and a "game-changer" for his clients with long-COVID.
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New Blog Post: Flexible GMT Tailored to Your Clients’ Needs

Learn about the different ways GMT can be delivered to meet the diverse needs of clients. Read stories of clients who benefited from modified versions of GMT, such as booster sessions or a brief intervention, and explore the flexible GMT system, which allows clinicians to modify the delivery of GMT while preserving its core elements.
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Become a Certified GMT Therapist

Our GMT Therapist Training eLearning course and Digital GMT Tools package are now available.
Together, they provide everything a trained therapist needs to deliver GMT to their clients.

Here's what experts are saying about GMT

Goal Management Training evolved from neuroscience research on frontal lobe function and has outstanding evidence supporting its use. I am excited to hear about recent developments increasing accessibility of this valuable therapeutic program.

Mark D’Esposito, MD
Professor of Neuroscience & Psychology Director Henry H. Wheeler Jr. Brain Imaging Center University of California, Berkeley
Goal Management Training is an exemplar of the cognitive rehabilitation neuroscience approach with tremendous evidence supporting its effectiveness, and is a tool we must deploy widely to help impaired individuals improve their cognitive function.

Gary Turner, PhD, C.Psych
Associate Professor Department of Psychology Faculty of Health York University
Goal Management Training is the leading intervention for executive functioning deficits, and its effectiveness as a cognitive rehabilitation program has been observed in many populations including in my own clinical research with cognitive impairment.

Jan Stubberud, PhD
Associate Professor Cognitive and Neuropsychology University of Oslo
Disorders of executive functioning can be very disabling but can be ameliorated by cognitive rehabilitation interventions. Goal Management Training is unique for its theoretical ground and established efficacy.

Sandra E. Black O.C., O.Ont., Hon. DSc., MD, FRCP(C), FRSC, FAAN, FAHA, FANA
Professor of Medicine (Neurology)
Department of Medicine
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre & University of Toronto, Sunnybrook Research Institute
“I didn't think it was possible, but it works!” - In reference to reducing slips and automatic pilot by practicing breathing.
“…A useful tool for ageing persons but also for people in the workforce who are challenged with massive tasks on a daily basis.”
“ it would be a good thing for everyone to do. It makes you realize that we are very often "not present". Being aware of this - even just that one step - makes it easier to identify the problems we have in achieving our goals.”

Here's what clients are saying about GMT

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THerapist spotlight

Dr. Susan Vandermorris

Located in Toronto, Dr. Susan Vandermorris is a GMT-certified neuropsychologist who leads the Memory and Aging Program at Baycrest. Her primary clinical interests are neuropsychological assessment and intervention in older adult populations.