Supported by Baycrest, Goal Management Training® is a cognitive rehabilitation training program to improve executive functioning, attention, and goal attainment.
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What You'll Find

Resources & Treatments

Access information and tools for therapists to learn and administer GMT.

Cognition & COVID-19 hub

Explore the current state of knowledge concerning the chronic cognitive effects of COVID-19, and what you can do about it.

Forum Discussion

Therapists can ask questions to the GMT team and discuss their experiences learning and delivering Goal Management Training®.

Digital GMT

Access digital versions of the GMT manual, workbooks, fillable sheets and more.

Access our online cognition & COVID-19 hub

Learn about the effects of COVID on cognition, explore news and updates and find resources and treatments for cognitive and mental health. 
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THerapist spotlight

Dr. Susan Vandermorris

Located in Toronto, Dr. Susan Vandermorris is a GMT-certified neuropsychologist who leads the Memory and Aging Program at Baycrest. Her primary clinical interests are neuropsychological assessment and intervention in older adult populations.